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Hatano Shigetsu Kiln

Hadano Shigetsu Gama

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Guide to Hatano Shigetsu Kiln

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“Hatano Shigetsu Kiln” is located in Horiuchi, a World Heritage site in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Zenzo Hatano and Hideo Hatano are two generations of Hagi pottery artists. Only one sliding door separates it from the noisy town, and it's like another world.

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The faint scent of incense wafts through the store, allowing you to enjoy a quiet time. The works of father, Zenzo Hatano and son, Hideo Hatano, are displayed in the interior of the shop, which is not decorated with extravagance, just like a small museum.

Hagi castle town

"Hatano Shigetsu Kiln" is located near the entrance of Horiuchi's Bikan Historical Quarter, and this area is very quiet.
If you go straight on the road in front of the store, you will reach Shigetsu Park, where the ruins of Hagi Castle are located. The scenery of this road is a very beautiful street where you can feel the history throughout the four seasons.

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